A craft beer bar in the heart of Madrid

In 2015, we opened our doors with the goal of offering the finest selections of craft beer, both from national and international breweries. From our beer bar located on Cardenal Cisneros street, often referred to as the golden mile of beer in Madrid, we provide a blend of good vibes, product quality, and the latest sports events.

We tap new kegs practically every day so you can try the latest offerings in all beer styles. Additionally, we have an extensive selection of bottled beers from renowned brands in Spain and around the world, including Amundsen, Cantillon, Omnipollo, Basqueland, and more. If you’re a beer enthusiast visiting the city, Beerhouse Madrid is undoubtedly the place for you, as we are located less than five minutes away from Glorieta de Bilbao, right in the heart of the capital.

All sports on our four screens

At Beerhouse, we offer you the opportunity to combine your two passions: beer and football, basketball, rugby… You can come and enjoy all the sports you can imagine, accompanied by a good beer on Calle Cardenal Cisneros, in the center of Madrid.